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Pantry Services

A perfect solution when you need to get your F&B areas restocked

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Designed to take away the headaches of pantry management


Sick and tired of chasing late or missing deliveries?

Having to drop what you are doing to run down to the loading bay to receive a delivery?

 Receiving dozens of grocery bags full of goods that you need to put away?

Your Account Manager helps design the menu and places orders
Our Blue Tiger team delivers direct to your office, at the time best for you
Fridges, machines, shelves and displays are restocked neatly, using FIFO standards.

What's Included

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Account Manager

A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to your office and will be your go to expert for the day to day running of your F&B program.

They will visit your office throughout the week to check inventory par levels, place orders on your behalf and assist with any new product requests and menu changes.           

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Menu Design

Choose from hundreds of products across dozens of categories to create a menu that is just right for you and your team. Our core range of products cover a wide range of dietary and allergy requirements as well as social and environmentally conscious brands.           

They will visit your office throughout the week to check inventory par levels, place orders on your behalf and assist with any new product requests and menu changes.

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How many boxes of sugar are currently in your store room? We often see offices with months or years worth of product sitting in their store cupboard as a result of standing orders or unnecessary ordering.

Our Account Managers will visit your office regularly to place the order on your behalf and are trained to only order enough product to last 1-4 weeks; ensuring you have enough but not too much of any specific item. This also helps manage spend as well as reduce unnecessary wastage.

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Rotating Items

We can set your menu up so that you have a portion of products rotate on a regular or seasonal basis. For example, if you would like 20% of you snacks to change each month, just let your account manager know.


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A dedicated delivery driver will be assigned to your account to ensure that they are familiar with your office and the specific site requirements for delivery. The driver will deliver everything to designated storage areas as well as unpack and organise everything on site so you dont have to.           

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A bespoke restocking schedule will be arranged according to the needs of your office.  

During the restock our team will use FIFO standards when restocking fridges, snack displays, dispensers, jar, baskets etc. Blue Tiger insists on the highest quality control procedures including presentation standards and food safety practises.


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Consolidated Invoicing

Blue Tiger offers consolidated monthly invoicing to all customers.

We can send one invoice covering all our services or we can show a breakdown by department.  Whatever suits you best!

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" It was all very well organised and we are amazed at how easy everything was made for us… we wished we had known to use you before!"

- Emily

Call our friendly team on:      0333 050 4263

Call our friendly team on: 0333 050 4263

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