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As die-hard coffee geeks, our speciality is local speciality coffees, but we also offer a wide range of beverage and snack options to make everyone in the office happy

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Who are Blue Tiger?

Blue Tiger was started in 2007 in Seattle by the Klassens; Mike, Brandon and Terry.  They found a real disconnect between the amazing coffee that was being imported and locally roasted and what was being brewed in the workplace. Employees were leaving the office to go to the cafés next door while roasters were refusing to work with offices as their coffee and brand was being poorly represented. Klassens found this niche and started to bridge the gap by providing offices with the equipment, maintenance and service needed to brew phenomenal coffee in the workplace.

This was the start of Blue Tiger and its journey to work with  great local businesses to create amazing company culture and staff experience in the workplace.   

Since launching Blue Tiger here in the UK and EU in 2014, Paul has worked to adapt to the market to fill offices other needs.  We do our utmost to be a well rounded office experience company; offering everything to do with coffee, drinks, snacks, equipment, and most recently events and catering support.



Who are Blue Tiger?