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Office Plants

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Let us introduce you to Elephant & Cactus!  

Elephant & Cactus is an interior plant design and maintenance studio, bringing plant life to London spaces.  

Plants inspire creativity, create a sense of calm and reduce our stress! In a world of buzzing smartphones, Elephant & Cactus' goal is to connect people with the natural world. To slow down, re-charge and enjoy the companionship of plants.


Helena lives in Elephant & Castle and she loves cacti (aka fat plants). Her love for all things green and leafy comes from Nonna Rosina, her Italian grandmother. Her garden has expanded into her house and now her love of plans is spilling into offices across London too.


The design bit

After the initial consultation, E&C design the perfect selection of plants and pots, and once it’s been approved, they do all the heavy lifting and install them into your space.


The maintenance bit

After the installation, a plant care dream team will come over regularly to water, mist, prune and talk to the plants to make sure they stay happy and healthy.