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Dedicated Services

A perfect solution for offices that need a more hands on approach to their F&B programme with a higher level of insight and reporting

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F&B is an important part of a company's unique culture.

For this reason we believe it is important to take a tailored and flexible approach to each company's F&B program. Through working with some of the most forward thinking companies out there for over a dozen years, we have gained unique experience in bringing different solutions to each office.

This has allowed us to build a portfolio of services that is unmatched by any other provider. From budget management, consumption reporting, onsite staff, inventory management, product sourcing and more. We have a solution for every F&B programme... and if we don't, we will build one!


F&B is an important part of a company's unique culture.
F&B is an important part of a company's unique culture.

Available Services

office kitchen staff stock fresh food fruit vegetablesOn-Site Staff

Blue Tiger can arrange for dedicated staff to be at your office during the day to ensure that your F&B areas are regularly topped up after busy periods.

office kitchen staff stock snacksProduct Sourcing

Should you want or need any product that we are not currently stocking, our procurement team will be happy to source this for you and add it to your regular menu.

office kitchen staff stock milk bulk snacks reportConsumption Reporting

Consumption reports are a crucial part of managing budgets, as well as seeing what products are most popular with your staff. Your Account Manager will be able to send you date ranged consumption reports as regularly as you require as well as advise on menu changes.

office kitchen restock staff food stock managementWastage Reports

If it were a country, food waste would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases - just behind the USA and China.  At Blue Tiger, our ethos is heavily rooted in reducing wastage both for our company and for our clients.  

Aside from our concern for environmental and social factors, wastage is huge component in companies overspend. With a Dedicated Account Manager who orders items as they are needed and in line with consumption trends you will see a significant decrease in wastage.

On top of this we can offer wastage reports in which you will see exactly how much of any one product you are losing to wastage each month.

office kitchen staff restocking milkBudgeting

Budgeting is probably the most difficult and important part of any F&B program.

Using consumption data from dozens of other offices in London, we help design a menu from the outset that will be best suited for your budget. Blue Tiger can provide regular spend vs budget reports to help manage ongoing financials. Your Account Manager will regularly review this spend vs budget report and alert you in situations where your trending spend is likely to take you over budget. Once we have that data, the Account Manager will recommend product substitutions that can be made in order to divert consumption to lower priced units and take the overall spend down. Whatever the case, your Account Manager will always be available to discuss changing budgets and how Blue Tiger can help.

Call our friendly team on:      0333 050 4263

Call our friendly team on: 0333 050 4263

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